Project Description

Vromans Kwekerijen

Biest-Houtakker, The Netherlands

We were able to realize the new foil greenhouse for Ad & Sjors Vromans in 2021 at the new cultivation location of Kwekerij Vromans.
At Kwekerij Vromans in Biest-Houtakker in the Netherlands, we have built a 5,000 m² VDH 12.80 m wide-span foil greenhouse, complete with a horizontal screen installation.

The ridge high of 8,00 m, in combination with double sided continues butterfly ventilation, diffuse film and screen, creates a fantastic climate to grow ornamentals!

Our strong cooperation with our suppliers and hardworking sub-contractors, gave us the possibility to realize this project within budget and time.

  • Client: Vromans Kwekerijen, Biest-Houtakker, The Netherlands

  • Type and sizes: VDH breedkap 12,80 m

  • Size: 5.000 m²

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